Advantages of Having a Winter Wedding

Bride and Groom Pose in Window

Have you considered having a wedding in the winter months?  My guess is most of you have not thought about this option.  Having been involved in planning weddings for over 13 years, I think this is a wonderful time of year for a wedding.  Here’s why:

1.   You have a wider selection of Wedding Venues and Vendors

If you don’t start planning soon enough for a spring, summer or fall wedding, you can miss out on securing the venues and vendors you prefer.  You may need to plan as far as 18 months to two years in advance for the most popular venues and vendors in your area.  Holding your wedding in the months of January through March gives you a much better chance of booking where you want your wedding to take place and the vendors at the top of your list.

2.   Discounts for Off-Season Weddings

Sometimes you can get off-season discounts from your venue and vendors.  Not all them will offer this, but some do in an effort to book during the slow wedding season.

3.   Combine two events into one

Dream Wedding and Event Planners just planned and coordinated a spectacular New Year’s Eve wedding.  Everyone had a wonderful time at the Reception, but adding New Year’s Eve into the mix ramped up the party even more.  You could combine your wedding day with Valentine’s Day if it falls on a weekend.  We always plan and coordinate weddings around the three major summertime weekend holidays:  Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day.  The advantage for your guests is they have an extra day off work to relax, especially if they are from out of town.

New Years Eve Wedding Dance Bride Groom

4.   Romance, romance, romance….

Weddings are all about romance, but there’s something special about winter weddings.  When you think of snuggling up with a cup of hot cocoa in front of a fireplace while there is snowstorm outside, especially with the one you love, it’s almost like “comfort food”.  Is there anything more romantic than the picture below inside a comfy limo with the snow swirling around outside?

5.   Higher attendance

The typical percentage of regrets for summer weddings is 20%.  This is because people have personal and family vacations planned and can’t do it all.  In the winter months, however, people have settled in to the work and school routines after the Holidays and are happy to receive an invitation to a special event like your wedding day!

6.   The weather is more “predictable”

In the summer months, everyone hopes and prays the weather is sunny and warm with no rain predicted.  Even if it is planned to be held indoors, couples hope for the best so they can grab a few outdoor pictures in between.  In the winter, everyone knows it will be cold and can dress accordingly.

7.   Photos in the winter are gorgeous

Let’s face it.  None of us enjoys shivering in the cold, but a fresh snowfall is beautiful.  Photos taken in the snow are romantic and fun.  You can still step outside for a few minutes to get some amazing wedding photos taken in the winter.

Bride Groom Outdoor Winter Scene


So, you might be thinking, “Maybe…”.  I say, “Why not?”  If you love the idea of a winter wedding with all of the beautiful decor that comes with it, your reception can be one that is talked about and remembered fondly for years to come.  There are so many advantages to consider holding your wedding event during the winter months.  Contact us for more information at 734.582.0200.

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