Shirley and BrianThe Day of our Wedding was Amazing!

“Kathy is the best wedding planner I could have hoped for and I am recommending her to anyone who has a wedding coming up! My fiancé (who didn’t even think we needed a planner in the first place) and I met with Kathy the first day and I knew she was the one for us. I told her we wanted an elegant wedding mixing Indian and American cultures. For 400 people. In 6 months.

Kathy immediately got to work making a budget & timeline, contacting vendors & venues, and making sure we were on track for our Dream Wedding. I can’t tell you how many times we had to make a change or adjust something – and immediately, like magic, we’d have a revised budget / timeline / task list.

Everyone she referred us to – the florist, photographer, cake designer, DJ, dress alterations tailor, makeup artist, hair stylist, etc. – was top notch and we were more than pleased with their services. People commented on how beautiful the arrangements were, how great our photos turned out, how yummy the cake was, how beautiful my makeup looked…. it was because we hired the best vendors and we didn’t have to search for them – Kathy brought them to us!

We are a very busy couple and didn’t have a lot of time to plan or have meetings, so Kathy did email/phone conversations with us to help save us time and she even met with vendors for us when we couldn’t make it. She was always available by phone or text and she even graciously talked me down from a few Bridezilla meltdowns! Many times, I didn’t even know what I wanted, just an idea of something, and she made it happen. Things that we would never have thought about – for example, what we’d be eating while having our hair done or in the party bus – were taken care of.

She wasn’t the church coordinator, so she didn’t have to be at the church for the rehearsal to support us – but she did, thank goodness, because the church coordinator made many mistakes and Kathy was always there to pick up the slack! The day of the wedding was amazing, it went so smoothly – from the preparations, to the church service, to photos, to the coffee hour and cocktail hour, to the reception. it was beautiful and truly more than I could ever have hoped my wedding to be! Many people have said it was one of the best weddings they’d been to and my family was all amazed at what a great job “I” did on my wedding – my secret was Kathy.

My fiancé said that Kathy was the best thing we did for our wedding and I wholeheartedly agree. Not only is she knowledgeable, professional, punctual, and organized, she is a very good person and has a wonderful personality so it was a joy to work with her. I cannot say enough about this planner – hire her – YOU WON’T REGRET IT!!!!”

-Shirley and Brian


The Best Decision We Could Have Made Was Hiring Dream Wedding And Event Planners

“When my husband and I began our wedding planning process we assumed we’d be engaged about a year and knew that with two very demanding careers we would have to enlist the services of a wedding planner. Little did we know we were about to embark on a 2.5 year journey filled with two out of state relocations and an ever changing wedding date!

All I can say is we never would have made it through any of this and had the wedding of our dreams if it weren’t for Kathy Byrum! From our first meeting to the final details, Kathy displayed nothing but the utmost of professionalism, compassion, and pure perfection! She was able to zero in on our vision and then take it beyond our wildest dreams. No matter the circumstance Kathy always wanted to make sure that we were happy and truly satisfied. She goes above and beyond to create a fairy tale wedding and does everything in her power to make sure you have the perfect day! One of my favorite things about Kathy was that she always had a way of making us feel like we were her only wedding and would respond to emails and phone calls immediately. My work schedule is incredibly erratic and Kathy always accepted this and was able to plan around my busy corporate travel. It still amazes me how she handled every situation with grace and true professionalism. A shining example of this is when I frantically contacted her to inform her that I had been promoted, was moving to Boston, and needed to push the wedding date back! Not only was she able to calm my nerves, but in her true fashion she took care of everything! In no time at all Kathy had contacted every vendor, had their dates of availability, and even had potential wedding dates lined up!

I can never thank her enough for being so flexible and calm about the entire situation. She’s incredibly easy to talk to, pays attention to every detail and has relationships with some of the most amazing vendors. I’ll never forget walking into the ballroom prior to everyone entering and being completely blown away. Each and every little detail that Kathy and I had discussed was there and was better than I could have ever dreamed! This is all thanks to the unbelievable vendors that Kathy supplied us with!

My family and friends are still raving about our wedding and the amazing time that they had! It really was the perfect day thanks to the hard work of Kathy and her team! After 2.5 years of tedious planning I got to know Kathy and found that not only was she incredibly hard working, a prompt communicator, and a pure perfectionist, but a truly compassionate, caring woman with a heart of gold. I feel privileged to have worked with such an amazing person. Dream Wedding and Event Planners was by far the best decision my husband and I could have made in our planning process and we can never thank Kathy and her team enough for the most memorable day in our lives!”


Truly a Fairy Tale Wedding

Truly a Fairy Tale Wedding

“I could not be more satisfied with our experience using Dream Wedding and Event Planners and our decision to hire Kathy and her amazing team. Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, and it is well worth the money to use her full wedding planning service! My husband and I always knew that we would get married in our home state of Michigan, but because we have lived out of state for a few years, we knew we would need some help. We were totally clueless on what to do and where to start. I started researching wedding and event planners immediately after our engagement and set up a few meetings with several in the area. We knew the moment that we met Kathy that she was the coordinator for us! She was extremely organized, easy to talk to, and knew all of the right questions to ask. By the end of our first meeting, I felt like she knew the two of us and had our entire vision in her mind. We hired her on the spot and never regretted our decision once!

Being out of state and working full time, we had only limited time to email her, call her in the evenings and meet on the weekends when we were in town. Kathy was extremely flexible with this and not only did she make us feel like we were her only wedding, she was also incredible at responding back as quickly as possible. She is extremely organized and was on top of everything during the entire planning process. She has a full network of the most talented vendors in the area, and she recommended the most amazing and professional people for our wedding that she knew would be best for the two of us. And one of the things that we liked most was her constant effort to make sure that our wedding was everything that we wanted and that it incorporated both of our different styles. Plus, she also made sure that my husband gave his opinion on our decisions and was our biggest supporter of including a Spiderman on our cake for him (it is easy to get caught up in the moment and to forget that they want to be involved, too). She truly went the extra mile to make sure we were completely satisfied with everything!

While Kathy was very helpful and informative in our selection of vendors, her true benefit came in the weeks leading up to the wedding. She made sure that all of our vendors had our schedule, knew where to go, and that all of the little details I didn’t even know about were accounted for. The entire week before the wedding, I found that I was surprisingly calm and relaxed because I knew we were in good hands. And as much as you try to avoid any problems on the day of the wedding, sometimes things happen that are beyond your control. Luckily, Kathy has an amazing emergency kit with everything that you can possibly think of, and she was able to save the day more than once. It is possible that there were many other things that went wrong that day, but if there were any issues, I was not aware of any of them because Kathy and her assistant handled everything. Also, because of her vast experience in this profession, she creates an extremely detailed schedule for everyone to follow. This not only made the day run seamlessly, but even allowed my parents to relax and have a fantastic time! It truly makes for a very fun, happy, and peaceful day when you don’t have to worry about anything.

My husband and I could not have asked for a more beautiful wedding than the one that we had. It was unique and perfect for us, and was truly a fairy tale wedding! We still get compliments from all of our guests about how amazing the venue, food, service, DJ, and photography were! It really was one of the best days of my life, and was all made possible because of Kathy and her fantastic team at Dream Wedding and Event Planners. I would highly recommend them to everybody! Thank you again, Kathy!”

-Nick & Brittany Sears

A Spectacular Wedding

A Spectacular Wedding

“Hi Kathy;

I hope all is well. So…the biggest argument in Anqunette’s and my relationship has been the issue of utilizing a wedding planner! A couple of months after I proposed, Q mentioned to me that she really did not want to use a wedding planner, that we could do it on our own. Previously, we had met with a couple of wedding planners, who all seemed too casual, not very serious and lacking a solid vision… which probably caused Q to abandon the wedding planner idea. Although I believe in our good organizational skills, I was vehemently opposed to planning this “celebrity wedding” by ourselves, without any professional help. After we met with you, we decided in the car on our way home that you presented yourself as a professional wedding planner, who has experienced the good as well the bad, and who seemed to have a no nonsense approach to a detailed planning process (which by the way NEVER lacked the necessary humor to make things go smoothly).

Since both of us are not from this area, we depended heavily on your recommendations for all the vendors, suppliers and external support. At times I was embarrassed to constantly ask you for names and addresses, which you always promptly provided for us to investigate. You had a vision, accompanied us to some of our meetings with vendors and took it upon yourself – with and without our request – to communicate complicated and/or uncomfortable issues to vendors that were less forthcoming or understanding. I am writing this to you, because as the groom I felt that you also had my interest in mind and not only the bride’s (as it is in so many cases). You conducted yourself in such a diplomatic and professional manner, that after every time when we listened to your opinion, we felt absolutely grateful and at ease. “Kathy is going to handle it” or “Let’s see what Kathy thinks” were the reassuring phrases we said to each other, which helped us getting through this wedding planning without having any fears or doubts. We valued your advice deeply and do not regret having done so.

You have put together a spectacular wedding for us. Our international guests as well as domestic friends keep commenting to this day on how smooth, visually and culinary appealing, detail oriented and most importantly – fun – our wedding was. We are still waiting for the wedding pictures from our photographer as well as the wedding movie; however, after having already caught a glimpse of our wedding trailer (click here to view), we are completely stunned, happy, satisfied and thankful for having had you as our wedding planner.

If you like, you can use this email with my contact info as an official recommendation for your services.

Thank you very much for everything that you have done for us; we hope to see you soon for another glass of wine at our house…:-)”


-Richard and Anqunette Sarfoh (Anqunette Jamison is the morning news anchor for TV2 Detroit)

Elizabeth and Joe

A Wonderful and Talented Wedding Planner

“Kathy is a wonderful and talented wedding planner who clearly loves her job. My husband and I initially hired Kathy to help us plan and coordinate a casual, backyard wedding. After she invested many hours communicating with various tenting specialists and caterers, it became clear to us that due to our ballooning guest list we would not be able to have the backyard wedding we initially wanted. So, we scrapped the original plan, and I described to Kathy what I was looking for in a new venue. Kathy began tirelessly searching for a new venue and found one that suited our tastes perfectly.

After we chose the venue, Kathy essentially planned the entire wedding in fewer than three months. Her expertise in all things wedding allowed us to relax. She recommended our amazing photographer and talented florist. She also provided excellent advice regarding wedding etiquette.

When several unforeseen issues with the venue arose due to a change in their staff, Kathy did a remarkable job of defusing the conflicts. Had it not been for her, several major issues would not have been resolved; I know I would not have been able to handle them myself.

On the day of the wedding, Kathy and her team kept everything running smoothly. She provided us with a detailed timeline and itinerary, which gave us piece of mind. Kathy and her ‘Dream Team’ set up all of our decorations (excluding the flower arrangements, which were set up by our florist) and made sure everything was absolutely perfect. When she discovered that the venue did not have the table numbers, she went to the store to purchase them while I was getting into my gown!

Our wedding was beautiful, and we owe much of that to Kathy. Her warm personality and enthusiasm drew me to her. She is easy to talk to, extremely knowledgeable, understanding, and honest. I highly recommend Dream Wedding and Events Planners to anyone who wants an exceptional experience with a wedding planner.”

-Elizabeth & Joe

Plan an Elegant Affair Stress-Free!

Plan an Elegant Affair Stress-Free!

“We hired Kathy Byrum with Dream Wedding and Event Planners because we didn’t want to stress or be overwhelmed with what was to be the most important day of our lives. Every time someone asked why we hired a planner, my husband told them the less I stressed, the better – and I have to say, there was not a single issue on the day of our wedding that caused any concern for me. In fact, my hair stylist told me I was one of the calmest brides she had every worked with, I had nothing to worry about – everything was planned in advance, Kathy had been in touch with all the vendors the days leading up to the wedding, so I was just left to spend the day getting ready with my closest friends and family. I must say, this was the most valuable part of her services, the fact that I never worried or dealt with any issues the day of my wedding was astounding – I feel like there is always something, but not with Kathy, my bridal party and our parents didn’t have to lift a finger or worry about a single thing. That was the best!

Kathy helped us from the beginning to end, she provided checklists, suggested vendors, helped with the design, coordinated everything at the rehearsal and day of – she even went above and beyond to steaming my wedding dress and transporting it to the venue after it got wrinkled in the garment bag on the way to the hotel.

One of things we really appreciated was that Kathy did a great job at recommending vendors, there were a couple times I had suggested using someone I found, every single vendor we selected was based on Kathy’s expert recommendation. Our vendors were top-notch and together helped us to execute a fantastic day of our dreams. We were very happy with all of our vendors; they were truly the best out there.

A benefit of hiring a planner was that Kathy also did a great job of keeping me on track, it can be overwhelming to know which step on the wedding to-do list needs to be checked off next, so she walked us through step by step – always making sure we were getting something accomplished. In fact, about six months before our wedding, we had all our vendors selected and were so caught up with planning – there was a lull in activity, which was kind of nice, we were definitely very prepared for our big day.

Kathy kept in good contact with us, always touching base via emails, she was always quick to answer questions and provide advice when I asked for it – even sticky etiquette questions. The very few snags we encountered in the planning process, she was fast to suggest alternatives or reassure me it would all work out in the end, and she understood what was important to me.

Our wedding was truly the most beautiful and elegant wedding we could have ever asked for, we received so many compliments from the décor to the food. Kathy understood my vision and helped me to pull it off. There is not one single thing I would have changed about the day, it was absolutely wonderful and I am grateful to Dream Wedding and Event Planners for helping to plan and deliver it. I would definitely recommend Kathy and her team.”

Lily and Rayan

The Event of the Century

“It’s really hard to even decide where to begin with Dream Wedding and Event Planners. We hired Kathy for our event as we lived in California but were holding our wedding in Mackinac Island, MI. We had a strange request: a magical, one of a kind, dark, steampunk masquerade. The kind of wedding you see all over Pinterest and magazines, the kind of wedding that brides-to-be drool over and dream about. We didn’t want to fall short, we really wanted it to be an event that no one would ever forget. Kathy and her team did everything for us from beginning to end. She recommended the most superb vendors, and organized all the little details, from payment schedules and guest lists to RSVPs, to the point that planning such an extravagant event was a breeze, even from across the country. I am a horribly unorganized person who was dreading planning this wedding, and I can’t believe how easy it was with Kathy.
At the wedding, people asked us, “How did you guys do it? How did you pull all of this off?” Dream Wedding and Event Planners was our all around answer. We had a planning team that made us feel like A-List movie stars.
When it came time for the day before, with the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, even that was a piece of cake! Kathy and her team covered that, including all of our dinner reservations. We were even running a few hours late to the rehearsal due to horrible traffic (causing me to have a near panic attack on the way up) but Kathy expertly talked me down, rearranged time slots for the rehearsal and dinner and assured me that there was no need to fret, because this was our special day(s), and there was no need to stress.

I can’t even begin to explain how incredible our wedding was. I literally had people from all around the island stopping the groom and I (and our wedding party) all day to take snapshots and photos of us, and ask us about our spectacular nuptials. We actually had a huge crowd of people standing from afar, taking pictures of our ceremony because the decorator that Kathy had recommended did such a phenomenal job. Our wedding was showing up all over Instagram and Facebook with people talking about this unbelievable wedding they saw on Mackinac Island!

Everyone at the wedding gawked and awed over how beautifully and smoothly everything went from the ceremony, to the cocktail hour, to the reception and then the after party. I can honestly say that everyone in attendance was in full-hearted agreement that it was the most amazing wedding they had ever been to, and probably the most amazing wedding they will ever attend.

If you want an extravagant wedding that feels effortless to pull together and in your budget, a wedding so incredible that complete strangers feel the need to stop and take pictures and tell all of their friends about, a wedding that people at the venue, who host thousands of weddings actually say “We’ve never seen something this amazing before”, a day where someone actually says about you “Get ready, because you will never see a bride like this again,” go Dream Wedding and Event Planners with Kathy Byrum.

I couldn’t, in a million years, ever have imagined how perfect, magical and just absolutely surreal my wedding day was. No stone was left unturned, and if I had to make the decision all over again, it wouldn’t take me even a moment to decide on Kathy Byrum.”

-Lily and Rayan

Jayne and John

You made our wedding an Event!

“During our whole honeymoon we were talking about wanting to have another wedding! I told John we should renew our vows every other year (if you’re available!). The only thing is, every party has to be bigger and better!! 🙂

I feel like I’m missing a close friend with us not emailing and talking, lol. We absolutely adore you and couldn’t be happier with everything you did for us. People have asked us (since we got home) questions about you and we couldn’t say nicer things. Kathy, you made our wedding an “event!” We are still ecstatic.

We LOVE our photos and all the spectacular things/people you hooked us up with. Can’t thank you enough! Seriously, we can’t! We are so lucky to have met you!

I hope everything is going great for you ( I know it is), and please let me know if we can write a testimonial for you or ANYTHING at all! We are so, so, so happy with everything you’ve done for us. Thank you, thank you, thank you. We hope to see you soon for our next event!!!! :-)”

-Jayne and John

Valerie Ericson

Couldn’t Have Done it Without Them!

“Hi Kathy!

I still don’t feel that I can quite put into words how happy you made us!! Some of my favorite adjectives people have used to describe the wedding have included “high quality”, “perfect”, “Like walking into heaven”, and “the best night ever.” 🙂 Thank you, thank you again for everything!

Kathy provided her services to us on our wedding day and for a year and a half of planning beforehand. We interviewed quite a few wedding coordinators, but we knew she was “the one” within ten minutes of talking to her. Kathy is experienced, organized, connected with fantastic vendors and clearly loves what she does! She had a knack for making me feel as though I was her only client, as she was so attentive and available for little questions and larger problems.

On the day of the wedding, Kathy and her team used the timeline she cultivated to keep the entire bridal party and all of our vendors on track. She executed our rehearsal, ceremony and reception exactly as we had discussed and solved multiple little problems along the way that never even came to my attention until after the event!

I could talk about how perfect and beautiful our wedding turned out (because it did!), but the most important gift she gave us was the ability to forget about all of the details on the day of our wedding and simply enjoy our friends, families and each other. We couldn’t have trusted anyone else with such an important task!”

-Valerie Ericson


A Total 10!

“Dream Wedding and Event Planners is just as it sounds, a Dream!! Kathy Byrum with Dream Weddings is very knowledgeable in every aspect of planning and coordinating a wedding. Along with her expertise, she is a very kind, sweet person that is well respected in her industry. My wedding was perfect, and we were able to enjoy every minute because Kathy and her Assistants handled all the tedious details. Dream Wedding and Event Planners are a total 10!”



My Fairy Godplanner

“The best decision I made through this entire wedding process was hiring Kathy and her team to help coordinate my wedding. My wedding went perfectly and I couldn’t have done it without them. They were always available to talk, they were thorough, efficient, and a lot of fun! If anything went wrong at my wedding, I still don’t know about it. I am actually going to miss them now that everything is over!

I will be recommending them to all of my friends and family in the future!”


 Stephanie (The Bride)A Stress Free Day

“Dream Wedding and Event Planners was a great help to make my big day a stress-free success. Everything went smoothly and I didn’t even have to worry about the details and timing because I knew the coordinators had things coordinated precisely. I was busy with school and work during my wedding planning time and my mom was able to collaborate with the Dream Wedding staff to plan for everything to turn out just to my liking. Once I got to the wedding day and I had questions of how we were supposed to do certain things at the ceremony or reception, the wedding planners had the answers or would find them out promptly for me and my family and wedding party. Friends and family were amazed at how well everything went at our wedding. Dream Wedding and Event Planners was a great addition to our wedding day to make sure there was minimal stress during the wedding planning, preparations, and execution.”

-Stephanie (The Bride)

A Perfect, Lovely Wedding Day

“I am finally catching my breath and thinking clearly, coming down from a high after the magnificent wedding you so expertly helped to orchestrate for my daughter Stephanie and her husband David. Looking back on the day, I have only good memories of how everything moved along seamlessly and resulted in it being a perfect, lovely wedding day.

Fortunately, Walter and I arrived at about 2:30 on Sunday and took a quick trip up to the reception hall to catch a glimpse of the room perfect and undisturbed. What a pleasant surprise when we opened the door and saw everything I had imagined and hoped would look well, and there it was–so beautiful, original, dramatic and creative … You and your staff did a top notch job getting it all right. I loved the way you arranged the branches and votive candles on the head table, too. Just perfect!

This was an emotionally grueling undertaking. I felt so alone before I found you. Once I felt like part of a team (where the other members were stronger players than me), I felt confident that we could pull off the wedding Stephanie and I imagined. With your experience, expertise, advice and encouragement, I knew that together, we could handle it all. I was most stressed about the centerpieces, right up until Saturday, but the right person at a reputable aquarium store provided sound advice that proved reliable, because the casualties were minimal. The centerpieces were incredible conversation pieces among the guests. (Our turtles are thrilled. Fresh fish for at least a week!)

Thank you also for your organizational skills and help coordinating and communicating with the vendors. Nothing slipped through the cracks.

You were easy to work with and knew how to approach the vendors to create a healthy relationship with them. I can’t begin to thank you enough for saving my sanity and creating a lasting memory of the perfect wedding day for Stephanie, David, Walter, me and (I hope) many others.

Thank you again for providing all the support, in so many ways, that I desperately needed. I will highly recommend you to others. Best wishes to you!”

-Jill Graves (Mother of the Bride)

Winnie and JasonIncredibly Stress Relieving

“We hired Kathy Byrum for the 90 Day Services where we used her services and expertise 90 days before the wedding day. The part that was most frustrating for us before hiring Kathy and her Team was dealing with all of the vendors long distance in Michigan while living in New York. Everyone wanted us to “drop by” or “come on in”, and that just wasn’t possible. Picking out vendors was difficult too. We had not even begun to think about day of coordination.

Kathy helped us with pretty much everything that we needed and had not even thought of. She reminded me about what I would need and streamlined communication and timing. Having someone advocate for us was incredibly stress relieving. To be able to enjoy our day without having to flip out about anything or having someone else run the show was priceless. Everything was absolutely wonderful! If I were going to do it again, though, I’d hire Dream Wedding and Event Planners for full service from the beginning to the end.

They made the entire day amazingly worth it. When we started planning the wedding, people kept asking us why we were getting a Planner. After seeing them running around all weekend, everyone agreed that it was a fantastic idea. Otherwise, that would have been me flipping out. Thanks again Kathy!”

-Winnie and Jason

Michael and ReneeMore than we could have imagined….

“Before I hired Kathy, I didn’t know if even had enough time to get ready for the wedding on 3.3.2012. It was such a tight period from mid Jan 2012 to the wedding day. That was only 40 days to prepare. I didn’t know anything about wedding planning. When we first met Kathy, after a few minutes of talking, 100% confidence came to me. Yes, Kathy brought back our confidence and passion. That’s why during the period we were planning, we trusted each other like a great partnership.

Kathy and her group are very, very nice and professional, more than I expected. She has a large relationship network with every kind of vendor you may need. She has a professional schedule and timeline to help you out and you don’t need to worry. So, although there was only 40 days to prepare everything (some couples plan for one year or even longer), and sometimes I don’t know the words to describe our preparation because I am Chinese and not perfect with English, Kathy and we finally made it in such a short time!! It was not that rushed, and in a strict step by step plan, everything was perfect and smooth. I really want to thank Kathy and her planning group for helping us out.

I will say every dollar you spend with Dream Wedding and Event Planners is way worth it. They charge a good price with supreme service. Your Wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. Dream Wedding and Event Planners is your best choice!!

They did a perfect job. They figured out everything, more than we could have imagined. Thank you Dream Wedding Planners, so, so much!”

-Michael and Renee

Ashurina and MarcThe Best Decision We Made

“Living in Arizona and planning a wedding in Michigan was a disaster! We were unsure of vendors, we had a hard time getting in contact with people, and the time difference made this all more difficult. I remember breaking down one day and searching for a wedding coordinator in the Detroit Metro area. I came across Dream Wedding & Event Planners and was impressed with the website, so I decided to give them a call. After having an over-the- phone consultation with Kathy, I knew we were in good hands! She took care of every single detail. Kathy assured us that the vendors she recommended were great people, who provided a great service and she was absolutely right!

Kathy helped plan every single detail in our wedding. She set up our appointments, made great recommendations, and made the entire wedding planning experience stress-free. Kathy made us feel like she was only planning our wedding. She made follow-up calls, contacted vendors, and made sure everything was done in a timely manner.

It was the best decision we made (other than choosing to marry one another). So many of our wedding guests were impressed with Kathy’s work. Our wedding was planned far before our wedding day. All of the details were accounted for and I believe this helped us be a happier couple on our wedding day. We knew that we were in good hands and that everything had been taken care of. It is obvious that Kathy cares about each of her clients and does everything in her power to provide the best wedding experience possible. I would recommend her services to anyone and everyone I know.”

-Ashurina and Marc

Jackie SelbyHelped to Make Our Day Unforgettable

“Kathy helped us tremendously by connecting us with the most talented vendors, and organizing and streamlining the entire planning process. For example, selecting the venue was probably the most challenging aspect of the planning process because we had a relatively short engagement and a large number of guests to accommodate. Kathy understood our vision and researched all possible venues in order to provide us with the best available options in a concise and comprehensive manner.

Her attention to detail and tireless commitment to making our wedding come to life is wonderful. Kathy listened to our ideas and understood our style and vision for the day. She is truly committed to the happiness of her clients. Kathy is patient, understanding and genuinely wants to make every bride’s fairytale a reality.

Lastly, my parents and I were also very happy to have Kathy and her incredible team working with us on the day of the wedding. Kathy developed a very detailed and comprehensive timeline for the entire day. As a result, the day evolved seamlessly and our stress was minimal. I highly recommend Kathy and her very talented team to anyone that is seeking a wedding or event coordinator.

Also, if possible, I suggest using Kathy from the beginning of the planning process through the wedding day. With her years of experience, Kathy will structure the day properly from the start to avoid preventable missteps or oversights. Kathy and her team helped to make our day unforgettable.”

-Jackie Selby

Kathy and Steve JugoOne of Our Best Moves…

“Before my husband and I hired Kathy, we were a little overwhelmed because we’re not from the Detroit area, and we were not familiar with the vendors. She came along and proved to be a valuable liaison between us and the various vendors. We hired her early and that proved to be one of our best moves. When we decided to change the venue for the reception, she jumped right in and facilitated the change. I give Kathy credit for helping us avoid lots of sleepless nights.

Kathy and her team did everything to make the wedding weekend a memorable time for our families. One of the things we really appreciated was the fact that she met with us and helped us secure a site for the rehearsal dinner. We wouldn’t have known where to start without her, and the rehearsal dinner was a real hit with our guests. Three days before the wedding, we found out that our grandson’s babysitter wasn’t going to be able to babysit. This was a huge problem for us because she was supposed to watch him the night of the rehearsal dinner and after the wedding. My husband turned to Kathy and in no time at all, she had a wonderful sitter lined up for us. Putting out “fires” is what a good wedding planner will do and Kathy and her team were the best. Besides marrying my son, finding Kathy to help plan the wedding was the smartest thing Jennifer (the Bride) did!

I would tell Brides entertaining the idea of hiring Dream Wedding & Event Planners to not think twice about it. It will make the days leading up to the wedding so much easier, and they’ll have such great memories from their big day. I can’t say enough about Kathy and her team. They really care and will go the extra mile for them. What more could you ask for?”

-The Other Kathy
(Note: Kathy and Steve Jugo are the Parents of the Groom and were actively involved in the wedding planning process long distance from Florida for the Michigan Wedding)

Eric FosterThe Best Day in my Life

“Kathy served as our wedding planner for the best day in my life. She worked with my wife and I in every aspect. She made wedding planning fun for us. She helped me find the perfect tuxedos, from Sarno & Sons in Pennsylvania. We had an amazing wedding day at Meadowbrook Mansion at Oakland University. Kathy and her team handled everything. We didn’t have to worry about any details. She worked with all of the creative tendencies of my wife, including her surprise walk down the aisle. If you are getting married, you need to hire Kathy and her firm. She is worth it. You will not be disappointed.”

-Eric Foster

Alison & NiravA Phenomenal Job

“Kathy Byrum did a phenomenal job of planning our wedding in our front and backyards. She is the only wedding planner I found in the area that had experience with planning outdoor weddings at private residences. I cannot say enough good about her responsiveness, professionalism, and helpfulness. When the DJ’s speakers broke right before the ceremony she managed to find a solution quickly and quietly without ever bothering me or my husband. I would HIGHLY recommend her as a wedding planner. ”

-Alison & Nirav

Jim (FOB) & Lori (MOB)Words Cannot Describe

“Words cannot describe, nor gifts repay the amazing job Kathy did for our daughter Kate and her husband Sean! From start to finish, it’s in the details and Kathy did not miss one…we feel truly blessed that Kate found Kathy and not only are we proud to add Sean to our family, we feel Kathy is now a part of our family as well!!”

-Jim (FOB) & Lori (MOB)
Kate & Sean said…
“Thanks for everything Kathy!!!! “

Kristi and Eric UhlingerPut Our Minds at Ease

“We hired Kathy as a full-time Coordinator for our wedding. My fiancé and I lived in Florida as we were planning our wedding in Michigan. Kathy was very flexible with our schedule and was always available to meet with us when we were in Michigan. Kathy was able to refer us to 3-5 reputable vendors for each category when we met with her, and then we chose the one that was best for us. This was the biggest time saver. It put our minds at ease because we knew that these companies were reliable! On the day of the wedding, Kathy made sure everything at the Reception kept a good flow. Kathy was a life saver for us! Our wedding would not have been as organized without her. We would highly recommend her!”

-Kristi and Eric Uhlinger

Dave and Lauren MischA Fantastic Event

“Hi Kathy!

I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for making Lauren & Dave’s wedding such a fantastic event! Everything was perfect, and the day went so smoothly it was amazing. We really appreciate all of your hard work that made it possible! Thank you sooooooooooo much!”

-Alison Wallner (mother of the Bride)

Dear Kathy,

“Thank you so much for your hard work, advice and day-of planning. Our wedding was so fantastic and seamless because of you. You truly are meant to do this, and we are so grateful to have had your help along the way! You saved me the stress and gave me the opportunity to enjoy our day. Thanks again!”

-Dave and Lauren Misch

Rhonda & ChristopherThe Wedding of My Dreams

“Hello Kathy,

I would first like to start off by saying that YOU are the BEST at what you do by far! I want to thank you for giving me the wedding of my dreams! You and Carol did an exceptional job. Thank you for taking so much stress off of me and making our day wonderful.

Any bride that is lucky enough to get you has to and needs to understand what greatness they have! Thank you for that loving mother touch when I needed it as well as the firm touch that came with it! Our day was made special by you and the wonderful job that you do. Now that that’s out of the way, don’t think that you are getting rid of me that easily. We will still talk. You were and are to me more than a vendor or wedding planner… you are Family!”

Love Always,

-Rhonda & Christopher
P.S “Tell Carol that I think that she totally ROCKS!”

Mikel & Stephanie AllanBeyond Impressed

“My husband and I hired Kathy Byrum of Dream Wedding and Event Planners for our wedding on July 23rd, 2010. We were beyond impressed with the services she and her assistants provided for us. Kathy met with Mikel and me multiple times prior to our wedding and even provided several excellent vendor referrals including DJ services, floral and linens, jewelry and accessories to name a few. Kathy and her assistants were extremely professional and made sure Mikel and I had a 100% stress-free wedding day.

Her assistants, Cindy and Linda were at our venue hours before the wedding to assist every outside vendor as they made their deliveries. Our reception venue was strict with timing and Kathy and her team made sure the entire evening ran smoothly even during a severe thunderstorm and tornado watch!

We were pleased with our decision to hire Kathy and her team and feel it was money well spent!”


-Mikel & Stephanie Allan

Jason and PaTreece VechetaCaring and Thoughtful

“Hi Kathy! We really want to thank you for everything that you did for us. We look back and laugh at our wedding and how crazy things were (the kids). You and your Associates really helped us get through this wedding and we appreciate you guys for that. I found your blog about us and Jason and I just laughed at it. We are very lucky to have found someone as caring and thoughtful as you to help us with our special day. You were wonderful and we still till this day will never forget the things you did for us. Thanks again! ”


-Jason and PaTreece Vecheta
(See Worry-Free Weddings for this Story)

The Best Vendors

“Thank you for helping us find the best vendors in the area. I appreciated being able to ship my Reception Gown to you so I could surprise my Mother. The wedding day wouldn’t have gone the same without all your help!”

-Jacqueline and Greg