Everyone Loves Launching a Sky Lantern

sky lanterns

Sky Lanterns are a breath-taking display for your Wedding Celebration, Family Reunion, Birthday, Memorial or Event.

Sky lanterns have been a popular in various Asian ceremonies for thousands of years. Recently they have become very popular in the west due to their depictions in movies such as Tangled and Hangover 2.

Sky Lanterns are the next big thing for night wedding celebrations, birthday parties and luminosity remembrance events. These lanterns are sure to be a huge hit and will have guests talking about them for years to come.  They will lift away and be visible for quite a while. They are basically miniature hot air balloons!

Instructions for sending Sky Lanterns into the night sky:

1) Check the direction of the wind before lighting to ensure there are no obstacles.

2) Ensure the lantern is fully extended and not creased or hanging
sideways. (This is best done by holding the top of the lantern, gently
lifting it a couple of feet, then dropping it sharply.)

3) Air pressure will inflate the lantern.

4) Hold the lantern upright, and have an assistant light the wick. After a
few seconds the lantern will feel lighter, and then gradually rise.

5) Do not attempt to throw it up into the air – just guide it and let it go
by itself. Then stand back and enjoy!

Instructions for Use:

Please read the 10 point check and these safety instructions below thoroughly before you begin using your Sky Lanterns.

When taking into consideration these stated guidelines and following these safety instructions, Sky Lanterns are perfectly safe and a truly beautiful sight when released.

10 point Safety Check before Launching Sky Lanterns:

1. Ensure that the wind is very light – 7 miles per hour or below is
suitable for launching Sky Lanterns of all sizes.

2. Only launch Sky Lanterns in a large clear space away from trees, power lines and buildings. Do not use Sky Lanterns within 5 miles of an airport.

3.  If there is a slight breeze, ensure that when launched that your sky
lanterns do not fly towards buildings, trees, airport, roads or any area
they may pose a danger.

4. Ensure that all spectators stand upwind of the people launching the Sky Lanterns.

5. It is advisable to have a bucket of water or some sand close by in case of emergency.

6. Sky Lanterns are not a toy. Sky Lanterns should only be launched by a responsible Adult.

7. Do not use during prolonged periods of dry weather.

8. Do not launch torn or damaged Sky Lanterns.

9. Do not Launch Sky Lanterns if the glow could be misinterpreted as a distress signal.

10. Read all safety instructions carefully before launching Sky Lanterns.

Sky lanterns, once self-extinguished, float gently to the ground and are 100% biodegradable and flame retardant.  This is truly a visual treat. If you have a DJ present, ask him/her to play some magical music during this amazing event.