Anqunette and Richard'sBroken Wine Bottles

“Anqunette and Richard’s wedding day was wonderful. Everything went off without a hitch, or so everyone thought. We successfully got the Bride and Groom down the “aisle”, which was the gorgeous lawn and gardens of the Grosse Pointe War Memorial for an outdoor garden ceremony on the water. My staff was busy finishing up the setup for the Cocktail Hour outside the Crystal Ballroom while I was watching their ceremony from a window one floor above. They were ten minutes into the ceremony with ten minutes to go before the guests were due to file into the venue for the Cocktail Hour. I got an emergency call through my headset from my staff urgently calling me to come quickly. Q and Richard arranged to have small wine bottles on a table that served as a favor for each guest with place cards attached to them. There were 180 of them in alphabetical order. One of the venue staff members accidentally bumped into the table, knocking all of the wine bottles onto the floor, breaking nine of the bottles. Glass and wine was everywhere, and there was panic in the room. Just as I rushed in, the Head Chef came out from the kitchen to tell me they had turned the kitchen freezer upside down and could not find the dry ice pellets that were delivered for Q’s signature martini. I instructed our Team to clean up the wine and glass and not to worry about alphabetical order of the bottles. We put them back on the tables by the letters only of the alphabet, pulled out the extra wine bottles and made new tags for them. I called the company that had delivered the dry ice pellets and discovered they delivered it to the wrong venue next door. In just ten minutes, our Team had the wine bottle favors back in place with nine new bottles with tags, the glass and wine cleaned up and the dry ice pellets where they were supposed to be: in the martini’s. When the guests entered the pristine Cocktail Hour area, we just smiled and welcomed them as if nothing had happened. While most weddings run smoothly, you and your families can relax knowing we are there to handle any mishaps so you don’t have to.”

Every Detail Counts!Every Detail Counts!

“We planned and coordinated the Outdoor Tented Wedding Reception for Jamie and Laura on the grounds of his past High School in Ann Arbor, Michigan. We suggested and they hired a Hot Air Balloon pilot to give everyone a tethered ride after dinner, an authentic Cuban Cigar Roller for the Guys (and some Ladies), and a very chic lounge area with couches, tables and chairs. When my Associates and I arrived early in the morning on the day of the Reception to oversee the setup under the tent, the grass on the school grounds was neatly manicured – everywhere but under the tent. The length of the grass was too high for my standards. There was no way to contact the school groundskeeper that I connected with earlier in the week confirming the grass would be cut. I made the decision to drive home and have my lawnmower loaded into my mini-van. It was forecasted to be 97 degrees that day, but I proceeded to cut the grass while my Associates moved the tables and chairs. There was no way I was going to have Jamie and Laura unhappy about very long grass and dandelions under their tent. We never shared with them that we cut the grass (it’s just part of what we do), but we were so delighted when they arrived and thanked us commenting that the tent and everything in it was so beautiful.”

Couture Wedding Gown DisasterCouture Wedding Gown Disaster

Dream Wedding and Event Planners was hired to plan and coordinate a large outdoor tented wedding reception in Michigan for a couple from New York. The Bride and Groom had their New York wedding and reception earlier, then flew here for their Michigan Reception with family and friends. The day before their event, the Bride took her couture gown to a dry cleaners for a light cleaning. When they arrived to pick up the gown, they learned the cleaners had completely ruined it. It looked like it had been thrown in a washing machine, ironed by hand with a flat iron and scorched. The bride and her sister called me in a panic at 4:30 p.m. on Friday with the Reception occurring the next day. I sent them to Katerina Bocci, a couture bridal gown designer located in Shelby Township.  She immediately canceled all of her appointments that evening, called in her two designers, and completely remade the exact gown by 2:00 a.m. the next morning. When the bride came to her shop to pick up the dress at 10:30 a.m., Katerina had soft music, a glass of wine and a masseuse there to relax her before the pre-reception pictures scheduled to begin at 3:00 p.m.  Katerina Bocci goes above and beyond excellence for her brides. Katerina told me, “I simply cannot have a bride in tears.”

Emergency Bridesmaid Gown FixEmergency Bridesmaid Gown Fix

Approximately 1-1/2 hours before the Ceremony was to begin at St. John’s Orthodox Church in Southfield, I was called into the Bridal Dressing Room. The Junior Bridesmaid (pictured here) had attempted to put her own dress on.  Because it was a very form-fitted gown, she not only broke the teeth of the long zipper down the back of the dress, but shredded the material next to it. I immediately called a couture wedding gown alterations professional to ask if she had a brown zipper in the length we needed and if she could replace it immediately. When she said she could, my Associate Cindi drove the gown to her for repair.  Cindi returned 30 minutes before the wedding, and the dress looked brand new!  The Ladies walked down the aisle as though nothing had happened.  Knowledge and training is important, but knowing the right people is everything.

Nanny in a Pinch! Nanny in a Pinch!

Jason and PaTreece hired us to plan and coordinate their Wedding and Reception at Fox Hills Country Club. They had two small children that participated in the Ceremony and attended the Reception. Since there was no one there to watch the children, they were crawling all over them during the formal dinner service. I could see they were not enjoying themselves, so I drove home to retrieve a portable crib, blanket, stuffed animal and bottle. We set up the crib, gave the baby a bottle, and covered him up while he napped. My Associate kept an eye on the crib while she entertained the older child, and I coordinated the rest of their Reception. We will do whatever it takes to make sure our couples have a stress-free wedding. I was so glad that Jason and PaTreece had a wonderful time for the rest of their special day.